Social Wellness focuses on learning good communication skills, developing safe intimacy with others, connecting and contributing to one’s community. Social Wellness activities include:

  • Intentionally seeking out others to get acquainted.
  • Getting involved in a social event.
  • Contributing to the community.

This course will enhance the interactions that you have with others and create a sense of belonging.

The workplace can resemble a war zone due to conflicting interests and diversity of workmates. This course has been designed to minimise conflict and actually make you become work friends with your workmates.

Every workplace requires effective communication but how do you know you are doing it the right way? Find out in this course.

To lead a meaningful, satisfying life, you need to play a part in helping humanity. How can you find a cause that you become passionately part of? Take this course and see what happens

Respecting others' rights as well as yours is an essential skill for workplace harmony. Striking a balance is difficult but impossible. This is the right course to help you become assertive with a win win outcome.